Introduction to Triple Street

Triple Street is a splendid walkway.

  • 걷고 싶은 거리 아이콘A typical walkway of Korea,
    new festivals are held
    365 days a year along

    the splendid walkway.
  • 도심속의 놀이터 아이콘Experience and enjoy special
    encounters, leisure, relaxation,
    and memories at

    the playground in the city.
  • 복합문화공간 아이콘Things to see, things to eat, things
    to enjoy, and various cultural
    amenities are all combined at

    this special cultural venue
  • 소통의 거리 아이콘Spend a leisurely day
    with family, loved ones,
    and friends at

    the street for sharing.

Triple Street concept

  • 01

    Overflowing with the character and energy of each brand

    Ground Street

    • A shopping street with characteristic mega-stores under the "One Brand, One Building" concept
    • A cultural street with pop-up stores, F&B, luxurious cafes and more
    • Megabox, the premium cineplex in Korea
  • 02

    Underground floors with trendy F&B and lifestyle amenities

    Under Street

    • The Dining Street is filled with restaurants featuring local and overseas cuisine and popular international F&B franchises.
    • Entertainment plaza featuring inspirational art
    • A family-centric complex cultural square for both children and adults
  • 03

    The rooftop for relaxation and refreshment

    Park Street

    • Sky Sports Field for exciting games
    • The Healing Hills offers green lawns within the city for you to relax and enjoy some downtime.
    • The Sky Observatory is where you can view the beautiful Songdo skyline
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